Al-Cal-Culator is a simple, GUI-driven calculator written in AppleScript that is intended to give homebrewers some help in figuring out the alcohol content and nutrional information about their finished beer. This information can be used to enhance homemade beer labels, for helping people stick to a diet plan, of just for knowing more about your beer.

What it does :
• Calculates % alcohol by volume and weight
• Calculates calories and carbohydrate content per 12 oz./355mL
• Calculates Apparent Attenuation of yeast (as a percentage)

How it works :
You enter your beer's original specific gravity (before pitching yeast) and final specific gravity (before adding priming sugar), and Al-Cal-Culator gives you the results (see screenshot above).

Platforms / Compatibility :
Al-Cal-Culator is a Cocoa application written in AppleScript and complied with Apple's Xcode development environment. It runs on OS X on PPC only, at the moment. Future versions will be compiled for both PPC and Intel versions of OS X. A Windows version may be a possibility in the future. If you're interested in working on the Windows version (it should be very easy to port since its just a goofy interface driving some simple formulas), contact me.

Download :
Download all versions from Al-Cal-Culator's SourceForge project page.

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